Trait items: trait items are specific and unique to their Fury
Kit items: kit items are interchangeable between Furies and denizens.

Lanterns and OilsKitTechnology
Pathway SiphonKitTechnology
Memory CrystalsKitTechnology
Icarus StoneKitTechnology
Titan SphereKitTechnology
Odinara’s Sight, the Living SwordTraitCrucible Weapon
Bearer’s Demise UnknownCrucible Weapon
DemonbladesKitType of Weapon
Ancient steel (Ancient blades)KitType of Weapon
Ahromon’s ConvictionKitDemonblade Weapon
Longsword of G’hordogorrKitDemonblade Weapon
Akella’s DemonropeTraitWeapon
Commander’s SafeguardTraitWeapon
Husband SkullTraitTrophy
Abstraction MedallionTraitTrophy
Abstraction LanceKitWeapon
Kakkadian HoneydewKitProcessed material
Skins of MorrowviyKitArmor
Mirror of GrimmKitWeapon
Red DestinyKitWeapon
Petals of Multis LacrimisKitRaw material
Battle EmbersKitTechnology
Ember Hearts and Ember MemoriesKitTechnology
Cedarwood CordageKitProcessed material
Atlas stoneKitProcessed material
Tobin’s ResolveUnknownWeapon or Crucible Weapon
Six Diamond Rings of EfesterUnknownWeapon
Shimmer stoneKitRaw material
Harvasel short swordKitWeapon
Enara’s LovesongUnknownArmor


Plumberry TartDessert
Kakkadian Honey CakeDessert
Blossomir OrganesFruit
Blossomir Orange PieDessert
Apple and Blueberry PiesDessert
Hot Meet, Potatoes, Cabbage PiesDinner meal
Kakkadian HoneySweetener
Caramel popcorn with a side of Plumberry Kiesel drinkSnack
Cleansing Broth of Garlic, Vinegar, and RosehipsSoup
Angleton Apples Cider (Silver Cider)Drink
The Dew of the MorningDrink
Sujyk sausageSausage
Junglas WalnutsNut
Moonlight WhispersDrink
Apple JelliesDessert
Sweet Queen Beet / Honey BeetVegetable
Bulba PotatoVegetable
Black Rice PorridgeBreakfast
Forest’s Shadow Mushroom SoupSoup
Thick Salt BaconCured meat
Gabababa CabbageVegetable
Fermented Plumberry JuiceDrink
Ire Apple PieDessert
Cheesebread logsBread
Kabobs and TatersDinner
Rahat Dessert
Khela strings (grapejuice, flour and walnuts)Dessert
Smooth BubbliesDrink