IV. Light Casting and the Icarus Stone

Haruto Whitlock, Custodian of the 74th League and Keeper of Histories

It is said that the Furies are united by the power of Revelations and that one can communicate with the Furies through a rite called Light Casting. Light Casting is performed at night when the skies are clear and stars are visible. In Light Casting, a piece of space rock known as an Icarus Stone is burned to molten hot. The Light Caster then gazes upon the zenith determining where to send their thoughts. Followed by gazing upon the Icarus Stone surrounded by flame. Heated in the proper way, Icarus provides a path to communicate with Furies who are many worlds away.

Sunrise Casting

Some say that Sunrise Casting is another way to communicate with the Furies. They say that upon gazing towards the bright sky early in the day, one can send their thoughts to the Furies.