Selective Timeline of Events in the Furyverse

I. Age of Prehistory***********100,000 to 10,000 B.C.Y.
II. Age of Antiquity10,000 to 1 B.C.Y.Myths of Antiquity come from this period. The Ancients lived during this period.
approx. 4,500-4,000 B.C.Y.Bat Wars of Antiquity (The Orinéa)
approx. 3,000-1,000 B.C.Y.Eruption of the Volcano of Mount Ghar-Domín destroys the capital city of Shapor in Orinéi (now Orin-to).
approx. 5,000 – 1Plague of the Mind/ Cataclysm of Antiquity
III. Age of Division1 C.Y.The Prophecy of the Conclave foretells the coming of the Furies, making societal shifts towards the belief that the chosen among the denizens will come to save the Homesteads. The Scrolls of Revelations are written detailing how Furies shall gain power.
1 C.C.1160 C.Y.Formation of the Order of the Custodian
100 C.C.1260 C.Y.The Order of the Custodian establishes the Orbridge School and the Great Custodial Hall at the Safelands of the Homestead of Orbridge
139 C.C1299 C.Y.The Battle of Ritt-Aron takes place in the Turrish Wars, the Homestead of Turr, Royalty of Ancient bloodlines push Evil back.
238 C.C.1398 C.Y.The first Firstborn is discovered at Orin-to
241 C.C.1401 C.Y.The Scholars of the Firstborn are established
262 C.C.1422 C.Y.The Darkness of the Good Manifesto published by Antoninus Atonos
264-268 C.C.1424 – 1428 C.Y.Days of Raging Torment, the Four-Year War
267 C.C.1427 C.Y.Following the effects of the publication of Antoninus‘ manifesto, The Custodians and the Hunter’s Union unite against the forces of Evil
IV. Age of the Furies267 C.C.1427 C.Y.Odinara becomes the first Fury in the Ceremony known as the Leap and helps win the Four-Year War. The Age of Furies begins
1 A.O.F.267 C.C.1427 C.Y.Creation of the living Sword, Odinara’s Sight at the Crucible Forge
977 C.C.2137 C.Y.The Battle of Nogorr-dun lasts almost a year.
1298 C.C.2458 C.Y.Enara, the Elder Rites Leader of the Erfir, obtains the Task of Everlife and guides the Erfir for over 2400 years
2245 C.C.3405 C.Y.The Battle of Orimilion
3764 C.C.4924 C.Y. Aruil, the Elder Rites Leader of the Erfir, obtains the Task of Everlife
5719 C.C.6879 C.Y.The Agabadian Wars and the Battle of Lorintir-Arayass take place. Multiple Homesteads are overrun. Due to loss of many Titans, support from Artificers of Sky Isle is withdrawn
5980 C.C.7140 C.Y.Aralynn, the Elder Rites leader of the Erfir, obtains the Task of Everlife
5986 C.C.7146 C.Y.The War for Rothormerith and the Battle of Rothormerith. In a two-year war, Odinara and the Furies push Evil back and recover Rothormerith.
6003 C.C.7163 C.Y.The Fermenton Inn is established at Rothormerith.
6043 C.C.7203 C.Y.The Battle of Gethrod at what is now Leonor Gorge
6833 C.C.7993 C.Y.Fishmar first attack the villages at Aclaw in the Homestead of Itten
7250 C.C.8410 C.Y.Annual celebrations at the Pie Maker’s Festival begin to be celebrated at Oven Alley in Orbridge.
7133 A.O.F.7400 C.C.8560 C.Y.Elena Langley, the Erudite of Athropolie, appointed Keeper of Destinies of the 74th Custodial Congress
C.C. = Custodian Calendar
C.Y. = Common Years – widely accepted calendar
B.C.Y. = Before Common Years (higher number further from present time)
A.O.F. = Age of Furies