What is Furyverse?

Furyverse is Gvaat’s art series and fictional universe. Gvaat created Furyverse to explore how art can help us look inward, exploring questions about our endless battle against the monsters within, and how this battle impacts our relationship with others.

Gvaat wrote over sixty thousand words of lore, and is creating original artwork depicting the Fruries, the heroes of the Furiverse stories.

Furyverse art is published as an expanding Limited Edition Print collection based on the tension between good and evil and the Fury lore.

With Furyverse, Gvaat is striving to create a community of artists, creators, and collectors who are ready to fight the monsters within, and build a better world.

Did Gvaat draw all the Furyverse characters?

Yes. Gvaat is imagining, creating and drawing all the Fury characters himself by hand.

How many Furyverse limited edition prints are there?

Each Fury original art is published in limited edition runs. For a detailed breakdown, check out the Guide to Fury Editions, Rarety, and Traits.

What’s the story behind the Furyverse, and the Furies?

In the story of the Furyverse evil emerges in the form of mephistophelian beings all throughout the world.

Each one of us has some good and some bad and a fight is waged between the two internally and endlessly. In the Furyverse, those denizens that for one reason or another cannot continue the fight are taken over by terrible evil, and out of them springs forth a new being, a terror looking to hurt and punish the innocent.

From all corners of the Furyverse, those among us ready to fight for a better future became known as the Furies. Joined by the common goal to wage war against evil. The Furies, are the main subject of the Furyverse art series and lore. For more read Introduction to the Furyverse

Who writes the Furyverse lore?

Gvaat wrote all Furyverse lore, including poems, songs, timelines and fantastical names of places and items.

Can I merchandise my print of the Furyverse character?

No, All Furyverse characters are intellectual property owned by Gvaat as creator, as such print owners cannot sell or distribute Furyverse characters or designs in any way.

What is FURYVERSE in reference to?

Furyverse has multiple meanings. Furies is a reference to the ancient Roman goddesses of vengeance. Verse is a reference to the Universe – a Verse of Furies, but also to the Verses – language and poems that comprise the Furyverse stories.

Although the Furyverse lore is full of characters, amazing Furies, and terrible monsters, the truest meaning of the series is an exploration looking inward to the “kingdom” within. The often obscure, and hard-to-access internal states and feelings that each of us discovers and deals with throughout life. Because of this, originally, the Furyverse series was known as “Kingdom Obscura”.

Can I buy more than one Fury print?


How do I avoid scams when purchasing Furyverse products / prints?

Gvaat’s Furyverse products are only listed on this website – so you can purchase directly from the creator, and not listed anywhere else.

Gvaat or Furyverse accounts will never DM you asking for you to buy, or ask you for your wallet address. Gvaat and Furyverse X accounts NEVER DM anyone.