Guide to Fury Editions, Rarety, and Traits.

What are the two varieties of Furyverse artwork?

Furyverse artwork can be broadly categorized into Originals, drawn with traditional media on paper, usually pencil, or Original Prints.

What classifications exist for each Fury artwork?

Fury art can be classified by:

  1. FV series number (FV #)
  2. Chapter
  3. Edition number
  4. Trait or traits
  5. Bloodline

What are Furyvese Festival Card Game (FCG) playing cards and how are they different from the Furyverse Limited Edition Prints?

Furyverse FCG playing cards features Furies and various additional drawings. There are Fury cards, Victory cards and Action cards in a deck and a player’s deck consists of thirty cards total. While Furyverse Limited Edition Prints can be used as Victory cards in FCG, the main difference is as follows:

Furyverse Limited Edition Prints have very small editions – from 5 to 100 prints. Are all signed by the artist and hand varnished. On the other hand, the Furyverse FCG cards have larger limited editions 100 to 1000, and at times open editions, are not signed by the artist and are not hand-varnished except for vary rare cards.

What is the FV Series number?

The Furyverse series number indicates the position of the artwork in the series. These numbers never repeat, the smaller the number, the older the artwork. The 01 in the series is Odinara. This number is indicated as FV# on the Authenticity Certificate for each Limited Edition Print. This number is indicated in the top left corner of every Furyverse FCG card.

How many Furies editions are printed?

Each Fury artwork (see Furydex) is a hand-drawn original that is printed in limited edition runs of 5, 10, 30, 50 or 100.

Each edition contains an artist’s signature block at the bottom indicating the edition number, title, and signature.

The way to identify your edition number is to look at the handwritten number by the artist on the printed artwork itself.

if you look at the edition number, it will tell you which print in the edition it is (the first number), and how many prints total were printed in this limited edition (second number).

Are all drawings of Furies considered closed edition prints?

Yes. A closed edition refers to a limited number of prints that will ever be produced. The edition size is predetermined, meaning that only a fixed number of prints is created. That edition size once released is never changed which ensures consistency. Furies are printed in closed editions of 1, 5, 10, 30, 50, or 100.

Edition of 5Most rare
Edition of 10Very rare
Edition of 30Rare
Edition of 50Less rare
Edition of 100Least rare

How do I identify my Fury edition number on the artwork itself?

Edition numbers are signed by Gvaat on the image itself. On the image, in the bottom left corner.

Notice the number label on the lower left indicating the edition number.

“1/3” means the first edition of a total of three for that particular Fury artwork. “5/10” means the fifth edition out of twelve, and so on.

The number in the bottom center of the image indicates the number in the overall Furyverse series for that particular artwork, followed by the artwork’s title, or Fury’s name. Followed by the artist’s signature in the lower right corner.

What is the size of Fury limited edition prints?

The Fury limited edition prints are 2.5 inches × 3.5 inches (6.3cm × 8.8cm). This is also the standard size for most trading cards.

What are Bloodlines?

Bloodline indicates if a Fury belongs to one of the major great ancestral houses/bloodlines in the Furyverse. Each bloodline is tied to a particular place in the Furyverse. An identified bloodline can provide context to a particular Fury’s origin story.

What are Chapters?

Chapters are subseries names identifying particular themes. For example, the Furies identified and published in the “Genesis” chapter are the original Furies conceived by Gvaat. Furies published under the chapter name “BRAWLERS OF TAGHANGOR” are drawings of Furies tied to the Brawler School of Taghangor in the Furyverse lore.

What are Traits?

Traits connect Furies to the Furyverse lore and are an additional way to identify a Fury over the span of the entire series.

Sacred Weapon Fury wields a weapon with a meaning within the Furyverse lore
Trophy Fury possesses an item of great importance/power
HornsFury with horns, symbolizes some connection to the forces of evil
TitanFury is aided by a Titan
AlphaA Fury is the Alpha of the pack – only one per Chapter. Alpha Furies are designated by a position number, FV #01 being the original Alpha int he Genesis chapter.

More on each traits can be found at this link.

What are Furyverse Originals?

Originals are original drawings on paper using traditional media, usually various pencils. These drawings are either sketches or drawings of supporting characters or locations in the Furyverse. These are stored in Gvaat’s sketch binder and can sometimes be offered for sale.

What is the size of Furyverse originals?

Size of each original drawing is different, refer to each original’s page for the size.