Introduction to the Furyverse

Haruto Whitlock, Custodian of the 74th League and Keeper of Histories

In the story of the Furyverse, evil emerges in form of mephistophelian beings all throughout the universe. In different worlds, at different times. Real monsters with horns and claws, and fangs, appear and devastate the denizens who are just trying to live their lives in peace. So where does evil come from? Evil comes from the same place we do. Evil is found within. Each one of us has some good and some bad and a fight is waged between the two internally and endlessly. Those denizens who for one reason or another cannot continue the fight are taken over by terrible evil taking root within. And out of them springs forth a new being, a mephistophelian terror looking to hurt and punish the innocent. But we should not fear, because among us live those ready to protect and defend civilization and life. Throughout histories, from all corners of the universe, those among us ready to fight for a better future became known as the Furies. Joined by the common goal to wage war against evil. The Furies, are of course the main subject of the Furyverse project.

And so we have the Furies, the denizens they try to protect, and great and terrible evil whose sole purpose is to cause terror. All dispersed at different locations of the Furyverse called the Homesteads. Click below to find out more.

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