Labor of ValorDescriptionValor Difficulty
1Ring the Bell at mount OgoboClimb mount Ogobo near the villages of Argrin, and get past the mountain beast named Karabassa with all your limbs intact. Once at the top, ring the Bell at the Ancient Bell Tower using a legendary war maul known as Tobin’s Resolve. 1
2Defeat Akella of TurrJourney to the Mountains of Turr and defeat Akella at the dormant volcano. 3
3Ignite the Starpit at the Crucible ForgeFind a way to ignite the Starpit at the Crucible Forge, making the Forge functional again.10
4Tame a Titan at the Shards of Sky IsleTravel to Sky Isle by ascending the Sky Bridge and getting through the Crawl to challenge a Titan to battle at battlegrounds known as the Shards. 3
5Settle the Quarrel between the Beet and Potato Men at PresthorpeBridge a cultural divide between the Potato and Beet people of Presthorpe. 7
6Ride a Firstborn into battleFind a way to communicate with the Firstborn and enlist their help on the Battlefields of Fate.8
7Free the Bulls of Aktosh in NethermereEnter the spirit realm of Nethermere and free the giant bulls of Aktosh bound therein.8
8Catch Larcenious GrallThink steps ahead of the famous thief Larcenious Grall, and bring the perpetrator to justice. 3
9Reforge a Demonblade at the Smithy of Shan-HaratBeat the corruption out of the wicked blades through sheer determination at the Smithy of Shan-Harat.6
10Charge an Ancient blade at the Well of FulminationDiscover the location of the Well of Fulmination and charge an Ancient blade with the formidable power of the Ancient magic of Rheimloi.6
11Slay DodorruuTake on the giant beast of incredible strength, Dodorruu.7
12Obtain the Second Horn of ChiertonogBreak the second horn of the gargantuan demon Chiertonog the Dusk Maker. 6
13Raise a Colossus of the Firstborn (Orinéa)Engage the Firstborn (ARGs) to form a Colossus for protection against massive enemies. (Completed by Lachis of Shapor in the mythology of Orinéa)*
14Ride a Master Eagle into battle (Orinéa)Gain favor of a Master Eagle, a giant predatory bird, and ride it into battle against foe in the sky and on land*
15Slay a Thousand Gnalan Bats (Orinéa)Through mastery of combat slay a thousand Gnalan bat beasts*
16Shoot the eye Sentinel King out of the sky (Orinéa)The Sentinel King was a giant bat described in the Orinea, as a bat with one large eye that reported all it saw to the rulers of the Gnal invaders. *
17Cast and Tune the Bells of Harrinvor (Orinéa)Cast the large Bells of Harrinvor in the Foundry of Six Songs. Tune the Bells with the lathe of Harrinvor to repel the Gnalan Bats.*
18Flood the enemy with the molten rock of Mount Ghar-Domin (Orinéa)Force start the volcano Ghar-Domin and redirect the lava toward the enemy camps of the city of Shapor. *
19Construct and operate the Wind Viper of Valeronn (Orinéa)Build a large stationary crossbow called the Wind Viper in Valeronn to protect the city’s skies against the onslaught of the Gnalan Bats*
20Reinforce the western wall of Harrinvor and protect it against the Gnal (Orinéa)Do not let the Gnal past the city walls of Harrinvor*
21Slay Alosh the Bat Breeder, the Gnal Commander at the invasion of Orinei (Orinéa)Make way past thousands of enemy Gnal to the other side of the battlefield and face the fierce Commander in charge of all Gnal armies*
22Purify the waters of AclowPurify the waters surrounding Aclow so that no Fishmar may ever come ashore in the Homestead of Itten*
23Catch the Five Banes of Whitcrest GlenConduct detective work in Whitcrest Glen around the river Trest, in North Laria, and apprehend the five beasts that have been committing crimes there. *