Languages of the Furyverse

Language: Usage:
Valspeak (commonspeak)Valspeak is the most common language of the Furyverse spoken by most denizens in addition to their native except in places where Valspeak is the native langauge.
Whistung (Whispertung)Whispertung is the language of deceit, it is spoken softly by some Evil beings of the Furyverse in addition to their native language if they have not forgotten it. All Greater Evils and those above them speak it.
Starspeak (Erfirian or Erfirtongue)Starspeak is the Erfirian language spoken natively by the Erfir. It is also spoken by the Custodians and the Scholars of the Firstborn, and Furies speak and study it when they become the great warriors of their kind. It is the language in which magic is easily described, Cosmic and Forest magic especially, and the language in which the histories are written.
TurrishTurrish is the home language of the Homestead of Turr, a very populated place of the Furyverse, and a big trading hub. As such, it is the language used by traders and merchants. It has been spread to many Homesteads by way of trade, and is most used besides commonspeak.
GethilicGethilic is a language of the Homestead of Gethrod, Leonorytes speak this language and those joining the Leonor Monastry from distant lands are made to study it.
Gnil’ (Gnal)Gnil’ is another language of Evil besides Whispertung. Unlike Whispertung, Gnil’ is loud and abrasive, suited to the sounds made by the mouths of feral beasts and monsters.
Craftspeak Craftspeak is the language of the Artificers of Sky Isle, it is the language of design and Artificer Metallurgy.
FurosiFurosi is a very basic language that is simple to learn but lacks the subtleties of other languages. Furosi is used to quickly communicate between those who speak no common tongue like Valspeak. Single words often are substituted for phrases and inferred in context.
Dorronic Dorronic is the most known language of the Ancients. It is seldom now spoken. Not much history is recorded in Dorronic making the events of the period of Dorronistic Antiquity difficult to decipher.