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Select legends

The Forging of Odinara’s Sight
The Bounding of Lord Oleg
Aruil’s Cleansing of Demonblade’s Corruption
Legends of the Power of Aruil
Cosma’s Safeguard Shield and Cosma’s Prophecy
The Prophecy of Odinara’s Surrender
The Crucible Forge, and the Crucible Weapons
The Bearer’s Demise
Antoninus’ Revelation and the Lantern of Truth
The Turning of Otesseia/ The Song of the Beauty from the Shore
The Legend of Ahromon
The Song of Meaning
Katyana’s Ascension
Alahad and Alarron
The Legend of Harkoot
The Legacy of Leonor
The Legend of a Beast Who Loved Sunsets
The Legend of Enara’s Lovesong
The Legend of Kassana and the Five Banes of Whitcrest Glen

Select mythology

The Myth of the Oheo Sisters and the Abstraction Lance
The Lightmaker’s Grave
The Myth of Akella
The Myth of Tobin’s Resolve
The Myths of the Old Gods and the Story of Rheimloi
The Orinéa
Creation Myths

Creation Myths of the Furyverse – Cosmogony
(Short description of the Creation Myths can be found here, except the description of the beliefs of the Ancients, which can be found here).

The Old Gods – Rheim (Destruction) and Loi (love), the beliefs of the Ancients
Vast Ocean and the Black Sand, (the Drum of Life) / The Har Writ (or The Ocean Writ)
All-Light or the Forver-Star / The beliefs of the Custodians
Technocentrism /Beliefs of some Scholars of the Firstborn and some Custodians
The Hunter’s Path / The path of Vahteh / The Beliefs of the Hunters Union
The Porridge of Life and Goddess Laryea / Laryea’s Gaze
The Creation Myth of Al Azhar / The Children of Al Azhar
Alterus, the Star Thief and Altera’s divine bloodline
The Machine called Ultranox, the Maker and Unmaker
Ikorro, the maker of matter, water, spirit, and time
The Trinity of the Mother, the Father, and the Mischief
The Song of Elyuros / of Mirhoggur and Cythia
The Laniads / Latvania the Ultragerra.