Settlements in the Furyverse are called Homesteads. Each serves as the original and unique home to the denizens and furies and provides a backdrop and location for many origin stories. Homesteads vary by location, climate, culture, and age.

Throughout histories, the Custodians have been able to record many Homesteads, each with its own denizens and customs.

In the Custodial Texts, Homesteads are categorized by their approximated historical age. Travel between the Homesteads is possible using a Pathway Siphon or by passing through the Gates of Runethandir.

Crucible Forge*****
Orin-to OutlandsHomestead of Orin-to
Mount of Ghar-Domin (Shapor, Harrinvor and Valeronn.) (The Orinéa)Homestead of Orin-to
Erfir Villages of Forest’s ShadowHomestead of Forest’s Shadow
Orange Peel Tourney GroundsHomestead of Blossomir
Fermenton Inn, Rothormerith GorgeHomestead of Rothormerith
Tokkoon Tourney Grounds and RaceHomestead of Amalisia
Sky Isle, Spectral Sky ArchipelagoHomestead of Itten
Aclow, Arratian Ocean shoresHomestead of Laria
Abbad-GordunHomestead of Abbad-Loom
Villages of TurrHomestead of Turr
East Presthorpe and North PresthropeHomestead of Presthrope
Great Custodial Library Hall,
Orbridge School of Custodial Research
Safelands, Homestead of Orbridge
Oven Alley in Angleton, Gandaros DistrictHomestead of Orbridge
Shores of the Cradle of LifeHomestead of Origin’s Spirit
Mount Ogobo near the villages of ArgrinHomestead of Argrin’s Shallows
Campfire Festival GroundsHomestead of Summernights
Kingdom of Vilgrin, Vilgrin ShoresHomestead of Rodimir
Battlefields of FateBattlegrounds dispersed throughout where Furies face off evil.
The Orimilion BattlefieldHomestead of Orimilion
The OculusLocation varies
The Faramere KingdomsHomestead of Faramore
The Caverns of ArahetHomestead of Arahirim
Leonor Monastery, Leonor GorgeHomestead of Gethrod
Briyv-Arat, Eiveria riverHomestead of Briyv
TaghangorHomestead of Taghangor and Tighandar
The Cytheum (Academy) at AthropolieHomestead of Athropolie
Whitcrest GlenHomestead of North Laria