III. How Furies Gain Power – Scrolls of Revelations

Haruto Whitlock, Custodian of the 74th League and Keeper of Histories

Revelations are how the Furies grow more powerful. A certain universal force powers the Furies to wage battle against evil. As the force reveals itself in the world, the Furies grow stronger, the less of it is revealed, the furies become less effective.

Revelations come from what the scrolls call “Good Deeds of Purpose and Kindness . Or actions taken by denizens that produce positive results. Good Deeds of Purpose and Kindness can take any form, a denizen may help their neighbor or embark on a life-long journey of purposeful action for the good.

Esoteric passages found in the Scrolls of Revelations describe that it is not the actual Good Deeds of Purpose and Kindness that fuel the power of the Furies, but the Revelations that come from these deeds. In other words, it is our reflection on the good deeds we undertake, and our understanding of our own purpose that create the Revelations and give power to the Furies.

Emphasis is placed on Revelations that teach us about our own nature and not the deeds themselves. Our reflection on our good deeds, and our purpose create Revelations. Our understanding and purpose carry with them the power to transcend time and space. Through Revelations, the denizens can ensure that Good Deeds of Purpose and Kindness continue to take place throughout the world. Revelations are the thread that carries the power of the good forward through existence. Because of this meaning, the Revelations are also referred to as the Golden Thread.

It is only through pausing, stepping back, and reflecting, that we can understand ourselves. It is only through good deeds that we can create Revelations in us of the kind that power the Furies to wage war against evil.

More on the Revelation Arts can be found in the Nox Atra.