Artist Statement

The Furyverse art series is an exploration looking inward. Often, the most mysterious questions are those we are afraid to ask about ourselves. More importantly, our ability to challenge our own inner demons creates a lasting ripple effect within a larger context of our relationship with others. Every drawing of a Fury is a reminder to stand against the demons within.


At the heart of Furyverse lies my commitment to daily improvement in crafting uplifting and inspirational art that exemplifies compassion and the capacity for introspection. In the Furyverse characters and narrative, a dedicated effort is exerted to promote the tenets of purpose and kindness. Good deeds are at the heart of the narrative as in the story they power the Furies to fight evil. The Furyverse story is characterized by advocacy for universal improvement of individuals, urging all to cultivate their capacities, fervently pursue meaningful objectives, and actively contribute to the substantive improvement in our world.

– Gvaat